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The “all inclusive” rights management!

If you are an author, composer, music publisher, or a SACEM member living in France or abroad, this service is made for you.

Author and/or Composer?

To protect and secure your works require special attention and is proven to be time-consuming. This precious time could be used to create.

You don’t necessarily have trusted contractors to contact when needed.

You would like to delegate certain administrative procedures that you cannot avoid.


More than any right-holder, you are aware of the rules and obligations to respect your role and your commitments to the creators to whom you are accountable.

You would like to free up your time to devote yourself completely to develop company projects or your publishing catalogue.

You want the works in your catalogue to be valued both in France and abroad?


a global management solution to cater for your rights in France and abroad, tailored to your needs, a team who takes care of everything for you!

You create? We manage your rights!

By choosing this service you’ll be able to benefit from the PUBLISHING, ADVERTISING & TV PROD as well as the OVERSEAS services.

Lastly, on the occasion of the 4 annual distributions of SACEM, we will send you an encrypted and detailed report on the evolution of the activity of your directory.

Mutual trust, constant listening, availability, and transparency are the key words of the “all inclusive” TANITRAK GLOBAL formula.