Optimize your remuneration abroad!

It’s always easier to know what’s happening at home rather than away.

Collecting your rights abroad may turn out to be a real uphill battle!

The receipt of your foreign rights can be long, complex and sometimes totally unsuccessful…

Are your works being broadcast abroad?

You want to be assured of the validity of the documentation established within the foreign collecting societies?

You want to collect your foreign rights more quickly?

You do not have any local contacts and wish to sub-publish your works abroad?

You want to avoid the administrative burden?

TANITRAK GLOBAL provides you with their OVERSEAS service.

For all of your works, we deliver a quick review checking viability of sub-publishing.

You can rely on our network of sub publishing local contractors for your works.

We establish your sub-publishing contract and guarantee collection of your fees in order to redistribute them in a maximum of 90 days.

We take on the administrative obligations.