All original creations deserve full protection!

Our publishing service is designed to serve every sector of the industry, either you are a song writer, sketch writer or scriptwriter; music composer or publisher; SACEM member domiciled in France or abroad, our publishing service is for you.

Regardless of the destination or broadcasting mode, in France or abroad, you will be only entitled to receive remuneration if your works, personal or publishing catalog, are protected.

Are you running out of time and would rather spend your time creating?

Living outside of France and you’d rather delegate the task of protecting your work to a specialist working closely with SACEM?

Are you unfamiliar with deposition formalities and feel these are abstract notions?

But, you want to be insured your work will be protected and documented properly.

And you wish to secure your future rights?

TANITRAK GLOBAL provides you with their PUBLISHING service.

For every published or non-published creations,

we provide:

procedure-communications such as Sacem forms, contracts for transfer of copyright, the credentials, contracts for the transfer of the audio-visual adaptation right and, where required, co-publishing contracts associated with it.

We are responsible for the signature cycle for all the right holders.

We take responsibility for collecting all the necessary documentation proven useful to the protection of your works.

We file your works with SACEM and return validated archives with a copy of the stamped declaration slip to each.