We provide a follow-up and include a study of the broadcasting of your works 24/7 in France and over a dozen foreign territories.

We cannot rely on the broadcaster for protection of your works, it is no longer sufficient to ensure fair remuneration to authors, composers or publishers.

The every changing methods of broadcast increases the chances of your creations being used without you being informed.

Without close monitoring of your assets you run the risk of a non-distribution of your rights. Chance of loss of income is increased without an accurate and detailed monitoring of the state of broadcasting of your works.

This type of intelligence gathering as efficient as it can be, proves to be time-consuming and costly.

You want to know if your works are being used regularly in a program or occasionally by a broadcaster?

You are keen to obtain a detailed broadcasting statement as well as a detailed circulation statement of a program or advertisement containing one or more of your works?

You want to monitor your broadcasts in France and abroad?

You wish to estimate the amount of your potential remunerations on the basis of the broadcast’s statements?

TANITRAK GLOBAL provides you with their TRACKING service.

For each of your musical works, we provide integration of your works on our tracking platform in less than 24 hours.

We collect information from broadcasters in France and abroad according to your needs. We establish and send weekly, monthly or end of operation reports.

We set up a monitoring and alert system according to your own criteria.